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The Strike Better Podcast

Welcome to the Strike Better Podcast. The best place to hear the latest news, roster talk, deep dives and top tips to improve your game in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Look out for new episodes dropping every two weeks.

Hosted by Ryan Farmer, Morgan Reid, Travis Foss and Jaren Foss.

Now, with new articles coming each fortnight, the Strike Better team aims to provide you with great content to improve your game!

S2E12 – Swarm Rosters with Sooner Strike Better Podcast

This week we bring on Sooner, who has had great success running high character count teams, to discuss how to be successful running more models on the table than your opponent. Is Sam Wilson a game changer for Avengers? Is the Sam Spam coming to dominate the meta? [00:00:00] Sam Wilson, War Machine, Lizard [00:20:00] Roster Talk: League Updates [01:00:00] Deep Dive: How to play a swarm League Win Rate Data
  1. S2E12 – Swarm Rosters with Sooner
  2. S2E11 – Research Station, Legacy Virus, and S.W.O.R.D Base Analysis
  3. S2E10 – Meta Analysis and a Sneaky Cat
  4. S2E09 – Conditions 101
  5. S2E08 – Meta Impacts of the New Banned and Restricted List
  6. Updating the Banned and Restricted List with AMGs Pagani and Shick
  7. S2E07 – Breaking into the Game as a New Player
  8. S2E06- Peter Parker is the Best Character in the Game with Pat Dunford
  9. S2E05- Power Starving Strategies
  10. S2E04- Defining a Meta with UtilityCookie


The Words of the Dark Lord: An Interview with Morgan Reid

With another fantastic result in the latest online league, Morgan Reid has shown the MCP Community that he is one of the most consistent players in the competitive scene. Morgan’s insights into the world of MCP are always highly sought after on the Podcast, and he is asked constantly for his advice and ‘hot takes’Continue reading “The Words of the Dark Lord: An Interview with Morgan Reid”