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The Strike Better Podcast

Welcome to the Strike Better Podcast. The best place to hear the latest news, roster talk, deep dives and top tips to improve your game in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Look out for new episodes dropping every two weeks.

Hosted by Ryan Farmer, Morgan Reid, Travis Foss and Jaren Foss.

Now, with new articles coming each fortnight, the Strike Better team aims to provide you with great content to improve your game!

S2E24 – A New Champion and Versatile Strategy Strike Better Podcast

This week we are joined by special guest Mike d'Amboise, the season 6 Runner Up! We talk about a thrilling final match as well as some speculation on how good Versatile Strategy may end up being.  [00:00:00] Intros, News [00:24:00] Roster Talk: Mike Interview and Morgan the Champ [01:09:00] Deep Dive: Versatile Strategy Strike Better!
  1. S2E24 – A New Champion and Versatile Strategy
  2. S2E23 – The War on Turn 1
  3. S2E22 – Listener Mailbag
  4. S2E21 – Current Top Affiliations
  5. S2E20 – How to Know if a Spender is Worth It
  6. S2E19 – How to Deal with 6+ Threat Characters
  7. S2E18 – Hulk Sized Changes
  8. S2E17 – Full Affiliation Tier List
  9. S2E16 – Bad Guys on Top with Ulysses
  10. S2E15 – Preparing for a Mystic Meta