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The Strike Better Podcast

Welcome to the Strike Better Podcast. The best place to hear the latest news, roster talk, deep dives and top tips to improve your game in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Look out for new episodes dropping every two weeks.

Hosted by Ryan Farmer, Morgan Reid, Travis Foss and Jaren Foss.

Now, with new articles coming each fortnight, the Strike Better team aims to provide you with great content to improve your game!

S3E13 – BIG OP NEWS & The Three Phases of the Game Strike Better Podcast

This week we take a deep dive into the Three Phases of the game and how you can identify which one you're in and whether you are ahead or behind. [00:00:00] News/Reveals [00:35:30] Superpower REVIEW!!!!: Hydra Tactics [00:42:00] Deep Dive: The Three Phases Strike Better!
  1. S3E13 – BIG OP NEWS & The Three Phases of the Game
  2. S3E12 – The All Seeing
  3. S3E11 – Alternative VP Generation
  4. S3E10 – Tall Attrition and a Back to Back Champ
  5. S3E09 – What Did We Learn in Season 7?
  6. 2022 New Player Starter Guide
  7. S3E07 – Season 7 Top Cut Analysis
  8. S3E5.5 – Fearful Symmetry (April Fools)
  9. S3E06 – What is Power Worth?
  10. S4E05 – Shieldnanigans


Tournament Review: Days of Future Past – Melbourne Australia

It is great to be back and talking about in-person MCP. Coming off the back end of another highly entertaining and competitive online league, many of the Oceanic’s top players gathered in Melbourne this week to roll some dice in the pursuit of glory! With a very healthy 28 person event, I was eager toContinue reading “Tournament Review: Days of Future Past – Melbourne Australia”