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The Strike Better Podcast

Welcome to the Strike Better Podcast. The best place to hear the latest news, roster talk, deep dives and top tips to improve your game in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Look out for new episodes dropping every two weeks.

Hosted by Ryan Farmer, Morgan Reid, Mike D’Amboise, Travis Foss and Jaren Foss.

With the addition of written articles, the Strike Better team aims to provide you with great content to improve your game!

S4E02 – The Most OP Thing You Can Do Strike Better Podcast

We brought on Charles from Omnus Protocol this week to talk about how ridiculous Spider-Woman is and what to expect out of LVO! [00:01:00] Hot Takes: Beta Ray Bill, Spider-Woman [00:32:00] Inspiring Monologue [00:35:20] Superpower REVIEW!!!!: Matter Transmutation [00:42:00] Roster Talk: What Have We Been Playing? [01:00:00] Deep Dive: LVO Rundown Join the Strike Better Discord! https://discord.gg/DADG5yVve5
  1. S4E02 – The Most OP Thing You Can Do
  2. S4E01 – New Year, Same Pat
  3. S3E25 – EMERGENCY CAST: Crisis Changes
  4. S3E24 – Malekith Nerf and Weapon X
  5. S3E23 – Stud or Dud Vol I
  6. S3E22 – Managing Expectations and Logan Hype
  7. S3E21 – How and Why Do You Rotate?
  8. S3E20 – Strongest One There Is with MagikNik
  9. S3E19 – How to Properly Practice
  10. S3E18 – Top Cut Breakdown and Listener Q&A


Space Maw: The Great Defrosting (Part 1)

Written by barncatFor clarification purposes, the subject of this two-part article is not to be confused with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Ebony Maw who goes by “Spaced Maw” these days. This is in fact an in-depth look at Marvel Crisis Protocol’s Ebony Maw, and more specifically, the infinitely awesome Space Maw. I swear…

Sitting Down with Pooley

An incredible seventh(!) season of the online MCP league has just wrapped up, and the first series of top cut games are being played this week. The online league continues to show healthy growth across the regional brackets, not just in player count, but also in talent! It has been great to see some new…