TTS Season 4: The Big Changes

The week 3 roster change window has arrived! Participants in this Season’s TTS League have been given the opportunity to change their rosters as they enter the last 3 weeks of Swiss. We here at the Strike Better Podcast have gone through the data and found some very interesting changes that we are going to explore in our upcoming Podcast. The data we have captured shows the percentage from 165 rosters across the four regions taking part. For now, let’s have a look at a few interesting statistics, as well as how the meta has changed.

1. Affiliations

A-Force have moved up a long way from 7th at the start of the tournament, to 1st at the mid league change! A jump from 14% to 19% is a good indication that players have seen the power She-Hulk and her long line up of affiliated friends can bring to a roster. Black Order has also seen some love, doubling their percentage to 8% from 3 weeks ago. X-Men, however, have seen their popularity fall by 5%, with the rest of the affiliations remaining relatively steady.

2. Characters

Looking at the Top 15, Valk and Okoye remain as top dogs in positions 1 and 2, respectively. Enchantress gets a tremendous increase in popularity, going up a whopping 11% from the start of the league. It appears as though a few people have been caught out by her amazing abilities in the first few rounds. With her ability to steal objective tokens and displace opposing characters, Enchantress looks like a great pick in any roster right now. She-Hulk also gets a boost from the rise in A-Force affiliations. Wolverine and Taskmaster are the biggest losers, going down around 5-6% each from the start of week 1. Could it be that people saw these two as overrated? We will explore that more in the podcast.

3. Tactics Cards

Medpack again reigns supreme as the most taken tactic card. With plenty of characters now flinging cars and large terrain pieces on the virtual table, Brace For Impact has become more popular than Field Dressing in the restricted cards race. That cheeky card we love to hate in Hired Muscle remains popular. Whether players are trying to enact some dirty plays or try to prevent them remains to be seen. The rest of the cards remain steady, except for No Matter the Cost, which is likely down because of the decrease in popularity for Wolverine. We will look to pick apart what these means in a little more detail on the cast.

4. Crises

The RNG crises have taken a bit of a hit when we look at the top 5, with the people showing they like to stay close and fight it out. The E shape is definitely the most popular layout in the secures, with the wide D shape only just scraping into the top 5 with Extremis. In the Extracts, the players clearly love the Hammers. Judged as the only crisis that makes Winter Soldier good, the potential to throw extra dice is just too tempting for some competitors to pass up. Fast extracts with Cubes and Citizens have a good showing, and Hired Muscle is proving its worth with Spider Infected joining Citizens in high positions. However, with the presence of Hired Muscle, I would have expected these crises to be higher.

This upcoming podcast will see the Strike Better Team go into some greater detail on some of this data and give our key takeaways moving forward. Makes sure to have a listen and let us know if there is an area that piques your interest.

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