The Nuance with Inhumans – AMG Rules Clarifications

It feels like only last week that we welcomed a new affiliation to the game of MCP. Whilst the announcement of Inhumans didn’t really resonate with fans that have an “amateur” understanding of the Marvel Universe, die hard comic nerds told us to wait and see. And wow did AMG deliver! With character abilities not previously seen in recent releases, the Inhuman faction has us very interested to see how these new models can shake up the Meta.

The team at Strike Better Podcast we have once again trawled the forums for you and are providing what we believe are the most exciting new rules mechanics for the latest affiliations that have been clarified by AMG! Before we start, we want to remind people that these rule clarifications are from the AMG rules forum, and are not our own interpretation. If you would like to know more, we recommend that you head over to the forum yourself and ask some questions. AMG respond quickly, which is great for the community.

Lockjaw is a Good Boy!

Lockjaw has been spoken about quite a bit here at Strike Better. There are reasons for that of course, but some of his abilities have a few nuances that are worth reiterating. Who’s a Good Boy allows Lockjaw to gain 3 power at the start of his activation if he is within Range 2 of another allied character. This is obviously a great ability. AMG clarified that Lockjaw only gains 3 power with this ability, regardless of how many allied characters are within Range 2. No stacking the power with this ability! An interesting fact about this superpower is that even if the allied character within Range 2 is Dazed, Who’s a Good Boy still triggers!

Last-Minute Save

This tactic card has some serious potential. With the ability to deny a character being KO’d the card could swing a game if conditions are right. Characters like Ronan have some good synergy with this card. Ronan’s “The Accuser” allows him to Advance S and make an attack against an enemy character whose effect would cause him to be Dazed or KO’d. So in a scenario where Ronan would be KO’d by an enemy effect (not Dazed) his Accuser is triggered, allowing him to Advance S and make his attack, before being saved at the last-minute (like what I did there) by this tactic card. In short, you can smack the dude that would have killed you and playing this tactic card means Ronan doesn’t KO. Pretty sweet!

The major rule to remember is that this card only triggers if a character would be KO’d, not Dazed. This is something that players might get wrong in the early stages of playing with Lockjaw. AMG have clarified that this means characters like She-Hulk will not benefit from this tactic card. Negoldar in the forum stated that the first sentence of Last-Minute Save will be updated in the next errata to this:
“When another allied character within Range 3 of an allied Lockjaw would be KO’d by an enemy effect, Lockjaw may spend 3 Power to play this card.” This update means that She-Hulk can not be saved when she is KO’d at the end of the round that she Dazed in, which the current writing would allude to.

Another card that I thought might be great with an allied Lockjaw around is All You’ve Got. For example, if I played All You’ve Got on an injured character, I thought that maybe Lockjaw could then save me from KO’ing myself. No…This does not work! As the previous paragraph states, the update from AMG will read that Last-Minute Save can only be used if a character would KO from an enemy effect.

Inter-Dimensional Bloodhound is a strong superpower, and if Lockjaw is within Range 2 of an allied character during his activation, having 3 power to use it is pretty easy! But what if Lockjaw activates this superpower and then is removed from the board by being KO’d? Does this mean that Inter-Dimensional Bloodhound stops working? NO is the answer from AMG. Effects created by enemy characters that are later KO’d (or Dazed) stay in effect until they would normally expire. This is good news for bumping up other Inhuman attacks like one of Crystal’s FOUR attacks.

Medusa’s Gorgeous Locks

Medusa’s Braid Bash attack is very, very good. Let’s have a look!

So much damage potential here!! It also has some interesting nuance that is worth knowing. A person posting in the Forum gave an interesting scenario to clarify the timing in the Braid Bash attack. AMG confirmed this timing sequence. The attack has 2 after the attack is resolved triggers 1) the push if you did damage and 2) flurry if you roll a wild. If you roll a wild on the first attack and deal damage, you can choose to flurry first before pushing. If that flurry also deals damage, you can stack the pushes you have gained from those 2 attacks! Each push will resolve individually, so there is no issue stacking the effect. This means that after your flurry attack resolves, if it also dealt damage you would get to perform 2 pushes. First for the flurry attack and then separately for the original Braid Bash attack! Medusa looks to be an incredible control piece that can not only move people a long way, but deal some serious damage if her wilds appear.

Just remember, if you first choose to push the character Medusa has targeted away from you first, and in doing so place them beyond Range 3, they will then be out of range for the flurry. That would result in you not being able to complete the flurry attack on that character. But just remember, you don’t have to target the original character with the flurry attack.

Stay posted for anymore rules clarifications that we see in the forums. Remember to head over there and ask the game designers directly for anything to help improve your experience in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

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