Red Mayhem ‘SIN’OPSIS’ by Phil Wager (Reath) 

Publishing note from Morgan Reid: I’ve spoken a bit about Sin on recent podcasts and have received a lot of questions around Sin rosters on both Facebook and Discord. This led me to ask my regular sparring partner, (and good mate) Phil, to write a guest article to give people some insight into how heContinue reading “Red Mayhem ‘SIN’OPSIS’ by Phil Wager (Reath) “

Mitigating MODOK – A Strike Better approach

Dealing with MODOK is difficult. A well-played MODOK is a problem character and when playing competitively, I think every Roster needs to build in their version(s) of MODOK mitigators that can be made available at every threat level. If you go into a game against a well-played MODOK without a mitigation plan, then you areContinue reading “Mitigating MODOK – A Strike Better approach”