The Words of the Dark Lord: An Interview with Morgan Reid

With another fantastic result in the latest online league, Morgan Reid has shown the MCP Community that he is one of the most consistent players in the competitive scene. Morgan’s insights into the world of MCP are always highly sought after on the Podcast, and he is asked constantly for his advice and ‘hot takes’Continue reading “The Words of the Dark Lord: An Interview with Morgan Reid”

The Nuance with Inhumans – AMG Rules Clarifications

It feels like only last week that we welcomed a new affiliation to the game of MCP. Whilst the announcement of Inhumans didn’t really resonate with fans that have an “amateur” understanding of the Marvel Universe, die hard comic nerds told us to wait and see. And wow did AMG deliver! With character abilities notContinue reading “The Nuance with Inhumans – AMG Rules Clarifications”

TTS Season 4: The Big Changes

The week 3 roster change window has arrived! Participants in this Season’s TTS League have been given the opportunity to change their rosters as they enter the last 3 weeks of Swiss. We here at the Strike Better Podcast have gone through the data and found some very interesting changes that we are going toContinue reading “TTS Season 4: The Big Changes”

TTS Season 4: The Numbers

Season 4 of the Table Top Simulator League is here! And…the numbers are in! The Strike Better Team has analysed the data from the public release of the 168 lists from across all regions to give you a snapshot of the current Marvel: Crisis Protocol Meta. Let’s get into it. The Regions:The player base hasContinue reading “TTS Season 4: The Numbers”

When Attacking Feels Bad!

On episode 9 of the Strike Better Podcast, the team mentioned that there are sometimes situations in games where attacking your opponent is just not a good option. A common challenge for newer players is realising when you should attack and when you shouldn’t. Depending on your strategy, or the crisis you are playing, itContinue reading “When Attacking Feels Bad!”

Strike Better’s TTS Season 4 Pre-Season Training

With Season 4 of the Tabletop Simulator League fast approaching, and with new models to play with, the Strike Better Crew are in the thick of the tournament pre-season. The recent break in competitive tournaments has allowed us some time to test some new affiliations and concepts, which have shone light on some interesting combinations.Continue reading “Strike Better’s TTS Season 4 Pre-Season Training”

X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants AMG Rules Forum Clarifications

Finally, the wait is over! X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants are here in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. As a long time X-Men fan from the 90’s cartoon, I have been solely playing these new characters since their release. One of the best elements of these new affiliations is the introduction of some excellent rules mechanics.Continue reading “X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants AMG Rules Forum Clarifications”

Centre of Gravity Analysis

There are members of the Strike Better team that have military experience, which includes training in critical analysis and problem-solving techniques. Some of these techniques translate well to problem solving in tabletop games such as Marvel Crisis Protocol. This short blog series aims to provide players of Marvel Crisis Protocol with some alternative analytical methods–adaptedContinue reading “Centre of Gravity Analysis”