Space Maw: The Great Defrosting (Part 1)

Written by barncat For clarification purposes, the subject of this two-part article is not to be confused with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Ebony Maw who goes by “Spaced Maw” these days. This is in fact an in-depth look at Marvel Crisis Protocol’s Ebony Maw, and more specifically, the infinitely awesome Space Maw. IContinue reading “Space Maw: The Great Defrosting (Part 1)”

Tournament Review: Days of Future Past – Melbourne Australia

It is great to be back and talking about in-person MCP. Coming off the back end of another highly entertaining and competitive online league, many of the Oceanic’s top players gathered in Melbourne this week to roll some dice in the pursuit of glory! With a very healthy 28 person event, I was eager toContinue reading “Tournament Review: Days of Future Past – Melbourne Australia”

Sitting Down with Pooley

An incredible seventh(!) season of the online MCP league has just wrapped up, and the first series of top cut games are being played this week. The online league continues to show healthy growth across the regional brackets, not just in player count, but also in talent! It has been great to see some newContinue reading “Sitting Down with Pooley”

What are we playing??

Season 7 of the online league has now begun! At the time of writing players in this latest season of online play are either scheduling their first game, looking at their list in despair, or reveling in the glory of their roster construction abilities. This latest season marks a turning point in the game ofContinue reading “What are we playing??”

Australian MCP Tournament Review

2022 is here, and already competitive MCP has started strongly. Across the globe, people are doing more in person MCP events whilst navigating the challenges of a looming pandemic. Here in Australia, we were able to put together a small tournament in the nation’s capital to start of the competitive season. This tournament was theContinue reading “Australian MCP Tournament Review”

The Updates that will Change the Meta

The wait is finally over! After what felt like an eternity, the MCP community has been blessed with the much anticipated rules, tactics cards, and character updates. For both casual and competitive players alike we are now in a weird period, where we try and make sense of what has just happened, and figure outContinue reading “The Updates that will Change the Meta”

Red Mayhem ‘SIN’OPSIS’ by Phil Wager (Reath) 

Publishing note from Morgan Reid: I’ve spoken a bit about Sin on recent podcasts and have received a lot of questions around Sin rosters on both Facebook and Discord. This led me to ask my regular sparring partner, (and good mate) Phil, to write a guest article to give people some insight into how heContinue reading “Red Mayhem ‘SIN’OPSIS’ by Phil Wager (Reath) “

Looking at Counter Big-Boy Tech

In case you missed it, the lads released a fantastic pod (S2EP19: on how to deal with the 6+threat “Big Boys (and She-Hulk)”. In that cast, the team discussed some strategies and tactics that you can apply to your game to try to deal with the high threat characters that we are seeing acrossContinue reading “Looking at Counter Big-Boy Tech”

How to (Strike) Better Prepare for your Online Games

This month just saw the end of the fifth MCP online league. With the pandemic continuing to deny us the opportunity for in-person MCP competition, the popularity for the online platform is continuing to grow. With this growth in popularity, however, comes with more tough competition. Thanks to AMG, the ever-expanding character roster is beingContinue reading “How to (Strike) Better Prepare for your Online Games”